Do you want to feel at home at your workspace?

Fabriken Office & Coworking

We know that a good workplace is so much more than just an office. To make you both work and feel better, we give you more than a key and a contract. We are with you every step of the way and listen, adapt, decorate and modernize. We help you find what suits you and your company’s personality and brand. With us, you become one of the gang!

Per hour, per day, per month

Meetings, Conferences & Events

We offer FAB Meetings, where we help you find a room that is perfect for your particular meeting. We offer a wide range of modern and unique conference- & meeting rooms. Here you are surrounded by a creative and vibrant community.

Are you looking for the next lounge to arrange your AW, premises to launch your upcoming product launch or a nice room for a board meeting? With a solid background in the event industry, we have done most things and know what works. We have a keen eye for detail.

Tell us what you are looking for and we will help you from idea to implementation.

Live stream in our studio

Digital Studio

Let us help create an interactive meeting with your audience through digital events, virtual meeting rooms or engaging communication in sound, image, interaction and graphics. At Fabriken we have a complete studio in collaboration with our partner Mediemerah. With an space of over 500 m² we also offer separate meeting rooms for your speakers, green room for moderators or why not parallel tracks for your participants?